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Furnace/Heating System Case Studies

John's Heating and Cooling is proud to offer you a full range of light commercial and residential furnace services. These include simple furnace repair jobs and complete system replacements of all types. Even though our temperatures are mild during the winter compared to the Northern states, our nights can get darn right chilly. And, if you want to live comfortably, you need a reliable, affordable way to heat your home. For many people in our area, that may mean replacing their old furnace or heater with a new one.

Browse our case studies below. If you need help with your heating system, give us a call today at (480) 648-2400 to schedule a service call or installation estimate.

  • Trane Furnace Replacement - E. Marino Drive, Scottsdale, AZ.
    Trane Furnace Replacement - E. Marino Drive, Scottsdale, AZ.

    We installed 2 new split systems with 1 Furnace located in the attic and 1 in the garage at this home. The attic furnace was installed with a new full length pan, supply, and return, collars with dampers, a safety switch, new gas pipe from the unit to the shut-off, and all duct connections were sealed. The garage unit was installed with a filter base new gas whip and shut off, safety switch, blew out drain line with nitrogen and sealed duct connections at the unit. Both condensers were installed with new disconnects and whips. We did a complete start up and QCA. Both systems include a 10-year parts, 10-year compressor, 20-year heat exchanger, and 2-year labor warranties.

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  • Split Attic Furnaces Installation, Phoenix, AZ
    Split Attic Furnaces Installation - 18th Drive, Phoenix

    We installed two 3-ton Trane split attic furnaces. The furnaces were installed with new supply and return boxes, collars and dampers, a full length secondary pan, a safety switch, new gas piping from unit and a gas shut off valve. All ductwork at both units were sealed. The condensers were installed with a new pad, disconnect, whip and surge protector. We did a complete start-up and QCA. Both units include a 10-YEAR PARTS, 10-YEAR COMPRESSOR, 20-YEAR HEAT EXCHANGER, and 2-YEAR LABOR WARRANTIES.

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  • Trane Furnace Install Juniper Village Dr. Gold Canyon AZ
    Trane Furnace Install Juniper Village Dr. Gold Canyon AZ

    We arrived to perform routine maintenance on two Amana furnaces. Upon arrival, our customer explained that one furnace turns on but does not heat. He further explained that he could hear the blower running, but nothing else happened. After diagnosing the issue, we found a bad inducer motor. Due to the ages of the systems, current condition, history of breakdowns, and the expense of the needed repairs, the technician recommended replacing the system. Several months later, our customer contacted us to provide no cost estimates on replacements and ultimately decided to replace the old inefficient systems. We replaced the current furnaces with two 4-ton Trane furnaces covered by the manufacturer's ten-year parts, 12-year compressor, 20-year heat exchanger, and two-year labor warranty. In addition to the warranties, John's covers all installations with our Installed Right Guarantee and Money Back Guarantee.

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  • Trane Heat Pump Install – Leisure World in Mesa
    Trane Heat Pump Install – Leisure World in Mesa

    A Peak Performance Club member called because their gas furnace was not working correctly. It was the first time they turned on their heating system for the season, and it made a loud noise and would only blow cold air, so they called John’s Heating and Cooling for a furnace repair. After completing a full diagnostic, the technicians determined that the system was low on refrigerant due to the indoor coil leaking refrigerant, which also damaged the indoor coil. Due to the cost of the repairs and the overall reliability of the system, a replacement was recommended. Johns Heating and Cooling replaced the system with a new 3.0 ton package Trane 14 Seer Single Stage Package Heat Pump system on the roof. For improved comfort, safety, and peace of mind, a surge protector and programmable thermostat were also installed. The technicians did a complete QCA start up and checklist and the new system is backed by a 10 year parts, 10 year Compressor, and 2 year labor warranty on top of all of John’s Installation & Replacement Guarantees.

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  • Trane Heat Pump Install – Leisure World in Mesa
    Trane Heat Pump Install – Leisure World in Mesa

    John’s technicians were called out for routine system maintenance and performed a 21-point deluxe inspection on a 1998 Goodman split heat pump in Mesa. During this maintenance visit, they found that the system struggled to run at peak performance due to its age, as both the outdoor fan motor and indoor fan motor were showing major indications of bearing play and oil leakage. At this time, it was recommended to the homeowner to consider replacing the air conditioner instead of investing more money into an old system that was out of warranty, and that they could save money on replacing before 2023 when price and efficiency ratings would be increasing. They decided to think about it, and ultimately scheduled a free consultation later that month. The customer did decide to take advantage of a great promotion that was running, so John’s Heating and Cooling installed a 3.5-ton Trane Heat Pump and a Honeywell Programmable Thermostat. The new system is backed by 10-year parts, 10-year Compressor, and 2-year labor warranty on top of all of John’s Installation & Replacement Guarantees.

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