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Chandler, AZ

Chandler, AZ Trusted HVAC Experts

Chander, AZ is a city in Maricopa County and is named after Dr. Alexander John Chandler, the first veterinary surgeon in Arizona Territory. By 1900 he had acquired 18,000 acres of land and began drawing up plans for a townsite on what was then known as the Chandler Ranch. The townsite office opened on May 16th of 1912.

Today, Chandler is a bustling city of over 230,000 people. It embodies an active lifestyle with access to outdoor activities, family fun, golf, award-winning events, and a vibrant downtown district.

While AC is the first thought when it comes to surviving in Chandler, heating can also be a strong need. The lowest average temperature for Chandler is 41 degrees in January, while summertime highs can soar above 110 degrees. The highest temperature recorded for the Phoenix area was 122 degrees in July 1995. Simply sweltering! On the flip side, the coldest temperature on record is only 20 degrees in Jan of 2013. With a low like that, it’s definitely a “turn up the heat” situation.

To live comfortably, HVAC systems to be sized and installed right to keep up with the heat of Arizona and to promote longer system life.

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John's Heating and Cooling Providing HVAC Solutions for Homeowners in Chandler Since 1970

  • Trane Heat Pump Installation - N. Ash Drive, Chandler, AZ
    Trane Heat Pump Installation - N. Ash Drive, Chandler, AZ

    We were called to instal a 3.5-ton trane heat pump, including a modified supply ductwork and insulated floor under unit with duct liner. A safety switch was installed and we cleared the drain line. Surge protector was also installed. Sealed all connections. Complete start up and QCA were achieved. We’re happy that our customer is very satisfied. A 10-years parts, 10-years compressor, and 2-years labor warranties were all included with this unit.

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  • Double Daikin Heat Pumps Install - S Patricio Cir, Mesa, AZ
    Double Daikin Heat Pumps Install - S Patricio Cir, Mesa, AZ

    During routine maintenance, we discovered that the customer’s kitchen side system has corroded in the recoil. The coil has signs of failure. Highly recommend updating system before refrigerant. Leak gets any worse. Customer decided to replace both systems in their home. We installed 2, 3-ton Daikin fit side discharge variable speed heat pumps. New full size pan, new insulated plenums, new p traps with safety switches, and new disconnects with whips and moved over the surge protectors. New Daikin one thermostats. Capped the gas lines and switched out the breakers. Complete start up and QCA achieved. With proper maintenance, customer will have a comfortable home for years to come! These new systems are covered by 10 years parts, 12 years compressor, and 2 years labor warranties.

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  • Trane Heat Pump Install - N Central Drive, Chandler, AZ
    Trane Heat Pump Install - N Central Drive, Chandler, AZ

    Customer stated that system was not cooling efficiently. During the hottest parts of the day system would struggle to keep temperature. system is also not producing proper airflow. System is low on refrigerant. Customer approved removing and thoroughly deep cleaning blower wheel and housing. Customer is interested in receiving a no-cost consultation on evaluating ductwork and upgrading system. We installed a new Trane 15 Seer 2-Stage Package Heat Pump, with a new stand and elbow. Also replaced both return and supply mixing boxes, installed new collars and dampers into mixing boxes, strapped up ductwork for a more direct air flow. Ran new thermostat wiring from thermostat to unit on the roof. The system is running to the manufacturer's specifications. Customer was very happy with their new system. To top it off, the system is covered by a 10 year parts warranty, 10 year compressor warranty, and 2 year parts warranty.

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  • RunTru Heat Pump Install - Sunnydale Dr, Chandler, AZ
    RunTru Heat Pump Install - Sunnydale Dr, Chandler, AZ

    We installed a RunTru 4 ton 2 stage trane package heat pump. Installation included a new insulated transition, new disconnect with whip and surge protector, new low volt whip and new Honeywell T6 thermostat. Complete start up and QCA were achieved, allowing our customer to breathe easy in the cool of their own home this summer. Of course, this includes 10 years parts, 10 years compressor, and 2 years labor warranties along with our awesome installation and replacement guarantees.

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  • Trane Split System Installation - N Judd Pl, Chandler
    Trane Split System Installation - N Judd Pl, Chandler

    Customer was looking to replace HVAC units right away and called John’s for an estimate. The customer decided that a double attic Trane furnace system with outdoor condensers was their best option! Of course, installation was covered and our customer by John’s guarantees: our Money Back, Installed Right, Accurate Quote, and Home Protection Guarantee. We love making our customers comfortable when they need it the most.

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In Chandler, John's Heating and Cooling is well known for providing exceptional air conditioning repair, installation, and service. Our technicians are highly trained and are prepared to meet your expectations for service and professionalism. The entire John's Heating and Cooling team works hard to make sure your experience with us is exceptional from first contact, to job finish.

Our mission is to “Do it the right way no matter what. Every customer, every decision, every time!” You can feel confident working with John's Heating and Cooling.

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Why John's Heating and Cooling Is Your Best Choice

John's Heating and Cooling has been providing comprehensive air conditioning and heating services to residents in Chandler, AZ since 1970. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our workmanship and our commitment to customer service. That dedication has allowed our company to continue to grow and succeed! We are grateful for our loyal customers who trust us with their HVAC needs, as well as new customers who are starting their John’s experience.

We deliver an elevated service experience, focused on customer care. Our trusted technicians are trained and expected to provide the highest level of professional expertise, along with an extra measure of personal attention and effort to delight our customers - guaranteed.

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