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HVAC Services in Gilbert, AZ

John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Keeping Your Gilbert Home Comfortable All Year Long

A suburb of Phoenix, Gilbert is a relatively new community that has experienced tremendous growth in the past two decades. Originally known as the “Hay Captial of the World” until the 1920s, the Gilbert of today didn’t start taking shape until the 1970s. Its current population is over 285,000 and is noted as one of Arizona’s fastest-growing towns. (Yes. It is not considered a city.)

There are a plethora of family-friendly activities in Gilbert. With numerous parks, community events, and activities there is always something to do. Add in shopping, delicious restaurants, and cultural experiences and you’ve got a lot going on. This may be why Gilbert is experiencing such rapid growth.

Throughout the year, Gilbert has a range of temperatures that require HVAC services to keep folks comfortable. January temperatures can dip as low as 39 degrees, while summertime highs can soar above 105 degrees.

The highest temperature recorded for the Phoenix area was 122 degrees in July 1995. Simply sweltering! On the flip side, the coldest temperature on record is only 20 degrees in Jan of 2013. With a low like that, it’s definitely a “turn up the heat” situation.

To live comfortably, HVAC systems need attention and care to navigate the heat of Arizona.

John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing Providing HVAC Solutions for Homeowners in Gilbert

  • Trane Furnace - E Penedes Dr Gilbert, AZ
    Trane Furnace - E Penedes Dr Gilbert, AZ

    When our customer’s furnace wasn’t reaching the set temperature, they called Johns to diagnose the problem. It turned out, their entire furnace was unoperational and they needed a new one. They decided to get a brand new 5 ton Trane furnace. To ensure optimal system operation we installed a new trapeze, a full size pan, and insulated plenums with dampers. For safety we also installed a new gas shutoff valve and whip, a new flu vent, and a new safety switch. To maximize efficiency we sealed all the connections and ran a direct supply to the plenum. The customer also received a new disconnect with a whip and a new condenser pad. Our customer will enjoy years of comfort and peace of mind with a 10 year parts and 20 years heat exchanger warranty. We also provide our “Installed Right” Guarantee and our Money-Back Guarantee for the first year of its performance.

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  • Trane Heat Pump - W San Angelo, Gilbert, AZ
    Trane Heat Pump - W San Angelo, Gilbert, AZ

    Our customer called Johns because they were not getting cool air from their 11-year-old unit. We went over and found the system’s filter and evaporator were plugged-up, the low voltage wires frayed, and the condensation drain broken. We also found that water had flooded the inside so badly over time, it caused the bottom of the unit to be rusting out! The unit was in such bad shape the evaporator was also rusting and at risk of leaking Freon. The customer decided to have us replace their old unit with a new 3 ton 2 stage Trane Heat Pump. We added a new stand, a new P trap and PVC, and a new disconnect and whip with a surge protector. We installed a wire kit for 2 stage cooling and a cut in a 12” return before sealing all connections thoroughly. This system is covered by a 10 year warranty and backed by John’s exclusive installation guarantees.

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  • Double Trane Furnace Install - E Washington Ave, Gilbert, AZ
    Double Trane AC Install - E Washington Ave, Gilbert, AZ

    We installed two Trane air conditioning systems in this Gilbert, AZ home. Included are a new full-size pan, new insulated plenums with dampers, new gas whip and shut-off valves, and new flu vents. Sealed all connections. New disconnects with whips and pads. Complete start-up and QCA were achieved, ensuring both systems are ready for their new home with our happy customer.

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  • Trane Furnace Install - E Boot Track Trail, Gilbert, AZ
    Trane AC Install - E Boot Track Trail, Gilbert, AZ

    This customer’s system contains two zones and one zone would cool down properly, but the second area will not cool down. The system is freezing up on the outside and is low on refrigerant. We suggested getting information on upgrading the system. The customer would like to move forward with upgrading their system We installed a Trane air conditioning system. New full-size pan, with new insulated plenums with dampers, and a new Trane comfort control thermostat. Complete start-up was achieved. Customer is very pleased with their decision.

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  • Double Trane Furnace Install - E. Betsy Ln., Gilbert, AZ
    Double Trane AC Install - E. Betsy Ln., Gilbert, AZ

    We were called out to this customer’s home. The outside AC unit was not turning on. Since the current system was old, it was decided that replacement was necessary. We installed 2, 3-ton Trane furnaces and air conditioning systems. New full-size pan, new gas shut-off valve and whip, new flu vents, and a new drain line with safety switch were also installed. New insulated plenums with dampers were installed and we sealed all connections. New disconnect with whip. Complete start-up and QCA were achieved. These systems are covered by 10 years parts, 10 years compressor, 20 years heat exchanger, and 2 years labor guarantees.

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John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is Here To Serve The Gilbert Area

In Gilbert, John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing is well known for providing exceptional air conditioning repair, installation, and service. Our technicians are highly trained and are prepared to meet your expectations for service and professionalism. The entire John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing team works hard to make sure your experience with us is exceptional from first contact, to job finish.

Our mission is to “Do it the right way no matter what. Every customer, every decision, every time!” You can feel confident working with John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing.

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John’s Heating, Cooling, and Plumbing has been providing comprehensive air conditioning and heating services to residents in HVAC Services in Gilbert, AZ since 1970. We are a family-owned and operated business, and we take pride in our workmanship and our commitment to customer service. That dedication has allowed our company to continue to grow and succeed! We are grateful for our loyal customers who trust us with their HVAC needs, as well as new customers who are starting their John’s experience.

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