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Read What Our Customers Have to Say
About Working with John's Heating & Cooling

Dear Andrew,

I wanted to take the time to say thank you. And to give you insight into my experience with your company.

I found out about your company on Fox News it had to be around June or July of last year. I was completely fed up with those big guys would claim they are honest and have wonderful employees. That turned out to be a total lie. So when I heard that John's was the best I thought I would find out for myself.

I called to schedule an appointment and the young lady I spoke with was Amanda. Extremely pleasant and helpful. John was the tech that came out to service my ac. Another extremely pleasant man, very respectful and just an overall pleasure to have come out.

The next time I needed a service tech to come out, I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel. Another very happy respectful young man. I had some issues with my unit and Daniel explained all my options. I was waiting for this young man to tell me I had to get a new unit right away. But he never put me in that spot, he gave me the options and let me decide on it.

I told Daniel to see if he could get a salesman out just so I could see what I would be facing.

I met Mike, straight forward man with no sales pitch, it was the first time I didn't have some fast-talking salesman. It was a pleasure working with him. I decided to go with a new unit. We all know how the story goes when you put a band-aid on a problem.

Ashley is so sweet and just a pleasure to speak with. I got to know her and Amanda's voice over the phone. They both have an upbeat sound to their voice.

The day of install Ben and Justin came out. Another couple of happy, respectful, knowledgeable young men. At this point, I couldn't figure out why every single person I in deal with at your company were happy and very willing to help. I bet I drove Ben crazy with my many questions however he was always gracious to answer anything I asked.

During install a man by the man of Sergio showed up. The way he handle himself, I thought he must be one of the owners. His belief was to do the right thing! By the time I was done speaking with Sergio I had know that John's was the best company out there. Thru the process, I met Brian very knowledgeable about ac units. I could tell he must be higher up in the company.

I spoke with Lindsey today another very pleasant helpful young lady.

I am just amazed that having dealing with 10 of your employees that not one was ever unpleasant. Each and every one of them gave me the feeling like they knew me personally. Their cheerful attitudes, their compassion put me at ease.

Sir, you are a very lucky man, you are blessed with 10 of the most amazing person. When I have spoke with other friends about my experience with your company, they all said it is unheard of. I do have to agree, but I lived it. Your employees have morals, trustworthy, honesty.

It has been with great pleasure to have met everyone of them.

I just wanted to share my story with the owner.

- Jeanette P.

Today, we had the pleasure of meeting, Mike Rowland, who came out to inspect our new Lennox Rooftop heater and air conditioner. He found a few flaws and fixed them in no time. He is very knowledgeable in his field, and was a pleasure talking to him about your company and how it was established. Last year, we needed a new rooftop unit, ours broke just before we left for home, back to Illinois. I like to spend my money, where I live, so I took out the phone book and came across your company. I called and Mark came out to show us what you had to offer. Before that, I called another company, and was very disappointed in their service personnel. Wasn't I lucky that I found your company. I have to say, that you were very accommodating to us with the installation of our new unit, and the payment request that we had made with you. I changed our credit card, and was waiting for a new one to be mailed to us. They did so, about 7 to 10 days after the unit was installed and you agreed to wait for the payment. We are so satisfied with your company and your personnel, from Ashley, Allison and Mike, that I had to write this little note to let you know the positives about your company. Please keep up the high standards of your company and your professionalism. Nowadays no one knows their job, or follows through. The consumer has to do all of the follow up. We would be happy to refer your company to anyone of our neighbors or friends. Thanks again, for a job well done. I almost forgot to mention that David was great, he installed our unit.

- Mary Ann B.

I was told after a new unit was installed in Feb 2012 that I would see a savings on my electric bill. I have seen over a 25% reduction in my electric bill. Outstanding!

- Bill W.

When our A/C unit went out on one of the hottest days of July, I called your company. Young Julio came out and diagnosed the unit as having a failed compressor. This wasn't a surprise, as the A/C was put in when the house was built 22 years ago. I had done some research about 5 years ago to see what it would cost to replace the A/C units, but since we had two, most people said we should just wait until one failed. Julio called Phil, your sales representative, and he came out a couple of hours later to give us a quote and ask what we wanted to do. Comparing Phil’s quotes with the others I had received a few years ago, it was clear that it was a good offer, and he pointed out that we qualified for a number of rebates. so I asked how soon they could start. To my surprise, he said they could start the next day and maybe have it finished by that evening. Consulting with my wife, we decided that it was a good price, looked like quick service, and we felt confident doing business with a company that we had known for over 10 years --plus we were hot. They didn't have one of the two units locally, so ordered it delivered overnight from Las Vegas. Starting work early the next day as promised, they climbed up into the crawl space that morning to deal with the hardest part: the return unit for the large A/C unit that serviced the upstairs. It was hot up there, a very cramped place, and every estimate I had gotten previously had warned me that replacing that unit would be particularly difficult. They got that return unit installed, had the main air pump in place and then the other unit showed up from Las Vegas just after noon. They got both units installed, charged and working by late that same afternoon. These guys were great. They were cheerful and skilled. My wife said they worked like a fine tuned orchestra. They worked hard all day long in the extreme Arizona heat (well over 112 outside, and who knows how hot it was up there in the crawl space?). When they left, I gave them a few bucks and asked them to have a beer on me. I went back inside and then thought that I should have given them more, and handed my wife another $20. She rushed outside only to find out that they had just left. I'd be glad to buy that crew a beer anytime. Thanks to your company we got a good deal and an urgent installation in the middle of extreme heat. We'd be glad to recommend your company to anyone. Darrel and Penny Johansen Tempe, AZ p.s. My cousin who is in the HVAC business in another state said that there would be no way that they'd get this done in one day. He's got a winter home in Mesa and said that when he needs service he'll be sure to call John's.

- Darrel and Penny J.

I was very impressed with the service I received from John's from the first phone call. I had a unit break down on one of our apartments that was beyond repair so I asked how long I would have to put my tenants in a hotel and believe it or not the whole unit was replaced within hours! 2 1/2 hrs. from the time they reached the job site! I was amazed at not only the quality of their work but the professionalism of the 3 that showed up to do the job in 114 degree heat on a Friday afternoon (5:00) at the beginning of a 3 day holiday! That's dedication and caring and concern for their customers! I have never had any disappointments from John's in the 8 years I have been using their services. I also had made several calls to "shop" the best price and there were no hidden charges when it came time to pay the bill. In just talking to 2 of the others there were hidden charges in the phone conversation. You have to listen to what they say. They are just quoting the unit not the rest of the necessary things you need like thermostat, stand, elbow (very important) crane, etc. Honest company, great people. Thank you Paul (salesman) and Sergio (technician). I highly recommend John's.

- Chuck and Laurie R.

John's installed an entirely new AC and heating system. I can tell the quality of work is much better than what we had before. They are the only one I will trust after trying many other services.

- Mike A.

Having been in the hvac business before I thought I knew what to expect, but was I surprised when you came to give me a quote. Your sales tech was on time, well versed in all the latest equip, govt rebates and prices. I thought it might be the same old high pressure sales pitch with threats of one time only prices and time is running out on rebates etc. etc. etc. . Instead I received a courteous and timely quote that fit our needs very nicely. The installation, follow up, and instruction on the all the equipment was excellent. We just had our spring checkup and it was handled very professionally and efficiently. I therefore would not only endorse but would personally recommend Johns to any customer they might have in the future. Thanks for the experience we have had.

- Steve M.

John's installed my heating/A/C unit in 2000 while I was out of the country--my house-sitters chose them. Since then they've made several repairs covered by the warranty, most recently a few days ago. The technician was punctual (almost early), courteous and explained everything carefully. I especially appreciated their willingness to waive their usual house-call fee, since the unit is still under warranty and there aren't supposed to be any labor charges.

- Tony C.

John's has been my heating and cooling vendor of choice for the last 14 years. There's none better when it comes to professionalism and customer service.

- JT Burchett

When we found out that our air handler condensation line had plugged up and water entered our house we contacted John's and received the most reliable and trustworthy service one could ask for. We had a new unit put in and the guys who performed the installation, i.e. David, Brian, Shawn and Timothy were very professional and helpful answering any questions we had. I would recommend John's every day of the week. Thank you for being a company one can trust for excellent service.

- Clark & Debra S.

We have absolutely no complaints on your service. The techs and supervisor who installed heat pump were knowledgeable, pleasant, quiet and professional. So far our A/C is working great. Keep up the good work.

- Ron & Mary T.

Dear Andrew, I am sorry we waited so long to thank you and the crew you sent out to seal off the A/C Heating unit we purchased from you on July 17 and to take care of some other things also. And, thank you for honoring and returning a check for the amount we were quoted for the filter that couldn't be installed. The unit seems to be working perfectly and we are pleased with it. Greg Field had talked us into going with your company and said how good your service was, and it proved to be so. I'm not sure all the guys who installed it and those who came out to finish up realize how much we appreciated their work and good attitude. So thank you again - you have a satisfied customer :) We haven't heard from APS about the rebate on the unit. Do you know what has happened to that?

- Anne & Herb P.

I had the pleasure of dealing with Chris Richstad, whom you assigned to look at Cathy Woodruff's unit after I called you last week. Chris' attitude, knowledge and superior customer service skills are by far the best I have seen in quite a while. It's reassuring in the present hard times to know that there is still a service company that actually cares about their customers and works hard to ensure the customer is totally satisfied. Chris was able to find the cause of the excessive noise by being very patient and trying to understand my explanations of the noise Cathy was hearing. I think that in itself was a challenge! He was able to stop the noise by placing small rubber bands in strategic locations. I would like to sincerely thank you and your company for the way you respect the customer and go the extra mile. I will highly recommend your company to everyone I know.

- Cathy W.

I am writing to thank you for the outstanding service we received when we recently replaced our air conditioning unit with your company. We were informed by John Gibson, who came to our house and presented to us all our options that came with replacing a complete air conditioning unit. John was as knowledgeable as any expert on air conditioning I have ever had. There was absolutely no pressure from John to use your company. Our unit was approximately 13 years old and had a very low SEER rating and just was not energy efficient. The crew that installed our unit was as professional as I have ever seen. Very courteous, informing us what was going on, completely neat and clean during and after the installation. We love our new 18 SEER high energy York unit. The two stage unit was the selling factor for us. The programmable thermostat is absolutely incredible with its different ways to program our house with different times when we are home or not home. Should you wish to use us as a reference, please do, you have our permission. Thank you again for your outstanding service to our community, your commitment to integrity and service to us and all you serve... God bless.

- Joseph L. B.

Great Service- Friendly techs. Knowledgeable and made sure job was done correctly.

- Jeff M.

Last month we had two new units installed in our home. We have been well pleased with the service and the product. Andrew, Tim and all the others were on time, knowledgeable and professional. We would highly recommend your company. Thanks!

- Sharon and Gary W.

I spent a lot of time researching air conditioner information such as SEER ratings, "cooling load" per "Manual J" worksheet, certification programs for air conditioner installers (NATE, ACCA) and pricing. I then obtained the names of three companies from the SRP certified contractor program. One company's salesman did not know what I was talking about with regard to the "manual J" test or NATE certification. But, Stephen John from John's did know exactly what I was asking about. He answered all my questions. He was very thorough and very knowledgeable, as well as just a nice guy. I felt very comfortable hiring his family's business and I was pleased with the installation and everything since. All the workers I have met have been clean, neat, and friendly. I highly recommend the company.

- Denise Q.

We recently had a new 15seer heat pump installed with new ducts as well. A big job on a long, hot June day. The crew from John's refrig, Timothy, Shaun and David did the job professionally and with a great attitude. Thank you!

- L & J L.

We recently replaced our heat-pump unit and our 20 year old duct work. Timothy, Shaun and David were so professional and pleasant despite the difficult task of installing new ducts in a "very hot and confining" attic. All done in one long day to minimize our inconvenience. Thanks for a job well done!

- L & J L.

The team at John's is simply the best! We have been a loyal customer since their very first visit to solve an AC problem several years ago. Since then John's has replaced our HVAC system with more energy efficient units and continues to perform schedule maintenance to keep our system in top working order. Our partnership with John's has been wonderful. Friendly, professional experts, and something I value greatly when dealing with any service company; integrity. Thanks, John's for being there for us!

- Jed & Victoria C.

John's found the cure for our upstairs? Theatre room being so hot! They installed a 3 zone system that allows us to set a separate thermostat temperature for the theatre room. What a difference! Plus for an added bonus, I can turn down the AC in the master bedroom/bath when I am blow drying my hair. No more heating up the bathroom when trying to get ready in the morning. Tim and his crew completed the full install in one day. They even stayed late to ensure that I did not have to make arrangements for someone to be at the house a second day. It was a pleasure working with such respectful and responsive professionals.

- Susan P.

We LOVED working with Andrew, Tim and everyone at John's as they replaced our 2-zone HVAC system. They listened carefully as we detailed our needs and issues, addressed them specifically in their proposal, and followed through in the installation and system balancing. We were thrilled to find a provider who knew their stuff so completely. Expert, professional, and nice. Do not hesitate to hire John's.

- Andrea G.

John's was very professional. Was amazing to get and actually feel the family atmosphere. Gave quality advice at a reasonable price. Received great service, they arrived exactly when they said they would. Amazing. Would recommend to anyone that wants things fixed right...not just to put a Band-Aid on the situation.

- Bill M.

We moved into our new house last summer and quickly realized that we had a major problem. We had so much dust in the house that my husband was having massive asthma attacks and trouble sleeping at night. Even after thoroughly cleaning the house we'd have a visible layer of dust withing 2 to 3 days. To combat the problem, we considered spending thousands on replacing old windows an expense we could hardly afford after just purchasing the home. We called John's to see what they could do. For a minimal cost, they sealed our registers to keep dust from the attic out of our home and fixed our duct work. Turns out our register was too small for the home and the duct was partially collapsed—not only leading to our dust problem but also causing our home to be uneven temperatures and the unit to be working much harder than needed. Since the work has been completed, the dust levels are much better and the house overall is much cooler. The team did a fantastic job and we are overjoyed at finding an reasonably priced solution!

- Jasmine H.

Our 20 year old air conditioning system finally gave out. We called John's and they were out with a quote that day and had our new system installed the very next day. Their customer service is well above a 3 rating, but that's the highest I could choose! Our home is now consistently cool all throughout (even with 2 stories and vaulted ceilings). We appreciate their help, their speedy and quality service and the friendliness of their staff.

- Erin H.

These guys are great, on time, professional, and they get it done right. The service guy took the time to answer all our questions... my pass experiences with other companies was sell, sell, sell. Thanks guys!

- Satisfied Customer

Staff is extremely knowledgeable and very friendly!!! If you're looking for a local company you can trust...John's is it!

- Terah L.

There's nothing an Arizona homeowner dreads more than dealing with an air conditioning company. John's takes the fear out of air conditioning work, and I highly recommend them.

My heat pump stopped working on a Saturday afternoon (in the winter), and they were the only company whose phone went to a live person, not an answering machine. They arrived within about two hours, and diagnosed the problem within about 15 minutes.

Even though they seem to carry a variety of parts on their trucks, the one I needed had to be ordered. The technician managed to place the order with a local supply company (even though it had just closed) and arranged a pickup for very early Monday morning. When I arrived home on Monday, the work was done and my heater was back to normal.

I was so pleased with the service that I bought a twice-yearly maintenance contract with this company, which includes discounts on repair parts and labor. They called me for my spring inspection (I certainly would have never remembered to call them), and when they found something that was starting to wear but didn't need replacement, they didn't push me hard to make the repair at this time. Overall, I'm very happy with their service.

They are open 24x7 (actually, they advertise 25x8, but that's a little hokey).

- Andrea M.