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Video Testimonials

Making the Right Decision

When replacing HVAC systems on Mobile/Manufactured homes, there are very few systems available that are designed for this application. At John's Heating and Cooling, we know how to serve the valley no matter what the application is. Because we do things the right way, only!

When You Find a Good Thing, Don't Let it Go!

A good example of why customers have been with John's for over 30 years. Good service, good people, and we care. Love to see happy customers!

Problems Solved

Proof, that in Arizona, you don't have to have lots of dust, uncomfortable rooms with stale air, high electric bills, with noisy systems. There are lots we can do for homes performance with today's knowledge and technology.

It's Not All About Price

Its about doing it right, no matter what. Not only did we do the right thing, but the customer is thrilled to also have lower utility bill, comfortable rooms and is " Happy as a clam".

Health Hazards

Heating and Cooling is not only about keeping you comfortable, sometimes it's saving people's lives. Mike Rowland from John's Heating and Cooling literally saved this family from Carbon Monoxide poisoning that could have killed everyone in the home. This was due to leaky duct work, and an improperly installed water heater. Remember, CO is the silent killer. If you have gas appliances, number one, make sure you have a Carbon Monoxide detector in the home.


You don't know, what you don't know. Having a well-trained employee from John's Heating and Cooling can make all the difference in the world when replacing the heating and cooling system. Sometimes there is air infiltrating your system, causing lots of dust, allergies and sometimes Asthma. Not to mention it reduces the life of the system, and uses more energy.


Never Any Worries with John's

Another great example of problem solving the "right way". At John's, we don't just replace a box for a box. We work hard to make sure you get the most out of your new system. Mr. Vance is now more comfortable then he has ever been in his home. Not to mention lower energy bills, and a unit that is so quiet, he doesn't have to turn the TV up anymore. If you're going to spend your hard earned dollars on a new system, it shouldn't only blow hot and cold in some areas. It should keep you comfortable in all areas of the home, lower utility costs, and operate quietly.