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AC Inspections & Tune-up Services
No Breakdown Guarantee

During a typical Arizona summer, your AC system(s) will run over 6,000 hours in order to keep your home comfortable, and it can account for up to 41% of your home's energy costs. Manufacturers of air conditioning equipment, the EPA, our local power company, and industry professionals all recommend regular maintenance to keep systems running efficiently.

AC Inspections & Tune-up Services

Keeping your AC systems properly maintained will help:

  • Increase the Efficiency of Your System
  • Reduce the Likelihood of a Breakdown
  • Keep Utility Costs in Check
  • Ensure Safe Operation
  • Meet Warranty Maintenance Requirements
  • And, When Done Consistently, Promote Longer System Life

We Offer a Choice of Air Conditioning Maintenance Services:

We offer AC Inspection and Safety Checks to ensure your systems are operating efficiently and to reduce the likelihood of a breakdown by identifying little problems before they become big ones.

Our comprehensive maintenance HVAC service includes a 51-Point Inspection and Cleaning (that takes an hour to an hour and half to complete) to maximize your efficiency, decrease breakdowns, reduce energy costs, and improve comfort.

Our Air Conditioning Maintenance Services are performed by our highly skilled, professionally trained Technicians, and are covered by our No Breakdown Guarantee.

Frequently Asked AC Maintenance Questions

What is the Difference Between an Inspection & Safety Check and a Tune-up & Cleaning?

Which of Your Maintenance Services Do I Need?
What Brands of Air Conditioners Do You Offer Maintenance Services for?

What Is Your AC Maintenance Service Area?
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