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Avoid Frozen Pipes

Tips to Avoid Frozen Pipes

Although it’s rarely a risk, Mother Nature can get confused and drop our tempuratures into the freezing zone. Temperatures near zero, even for a few hours can cause big problems. Frozen pipes can leave you without water and lead to costly repairs. A little prevention will go a long way to protect your home.

Before the Cold Weather Hits

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  • Verify your irrigation or sprinkling system is drained and turned off. Disconnect garden hoses.
  • Address drafty windows and doors. Look for exterior gaps near electrical wiring, dryer vents, outdoor plumbing fixtures, skylights, and solar panels. Using caulk or spray foam that is designed for outdoor applications to fill in the gaps.
  • Know where your water shut-off valve is located and test it to ensure you can shut it off if needed (they tend to stick when not used very often).
  • Protect exposed pipes with insulation, heat tape, or temperature-controlled heat cables.

When the Temps Drop

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  • If you have pipes running through cabinets or vanities (especially on exterior walls), open the doors to allow warm air to flow in.
  • Turn faucets that are on exterior walls to allow a slow drip. This will keep the water moving through the pipes and reduce the risk of freezing.

If Your Pipes Freeze

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  • Shut off your water at the main water valve.
  • Thaw pipes using a heat source (hair dryers, heated blankets, or space heaters will do the trick). Do not use kerosene heaters or any device with an open flame. During this process, keep a close eye on the pipes and don’t leave the space unattended.
  • Once the pipes are thawed, you’ll want to test them. Start by turning the water on at the main valve, then slowly turn on the closest faucet while checking the pipes and joints near the problem area for cracks or leaks. Then, increase the flow and recheck everything.

If you run into plumbing issues give us a call. Our plumbers are standing by to repair plumbing leaks, unclog drains, repair or replace toilets (yes, we have the super fancy toilets with all the bells and whistles), and repair or replace your water heater.

If it is in your home and water runs through it – our talented team of plumbers can take care of it!

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